Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Guess It's Officially Over

  Well looks like it was officially the last event for Speed Limit Racing's Autocross at the Camarillo Airport this past weekend. The past year was supposedly going to be the final one, but they were getting random dates to hold events. I had heard that this was finally going to be the final event for sure, so i made sure to make it out and race.
  These events here have helped me so much in my driving, from all the instruction, tips and help form "Coach Casey" and all the friendships I have made here, which carry through to all the other local events I attend. From my first time attending with a fresh set of wheels and tires that didn't fit, and so many people coming to help roll the quarter panels, bang the inner wheel wells with a "BFH" from the airport Search and Rescue guys that came to check out the racing. (That was he best hammer i've ever seen in my life!!!) to even this past event still making new friends.
  The course laid out by "Coach Casey" was one of his fast yet technically tricky ones. I lost my brake booster in the middle of my first lap out, and that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After being thrown off, and then getting used to the brakes being manual now, I realized I only needed them in one part of the course at the far end turnaround "dog leg" he set up. By the third session i was dropping by times and managed to get a 44.6 sec run. The fast cars were in the 40-42 sec range and a couple got into the 39's i believe.
  Also after having rented a good camera lens at the past NMCA event, and now going back to my kit lens for the action shots, I definitely see a huge difference in the focus speeds and tracking on the camera. I can't wait until I can upgrade my photo gear.

But of course car parts come first! Haha!!

  I hope you guys enjoy the pics!


 P.S. If anybody want to save a photo, just click on the image to open into a new window to get a better quality one. #AsEyeSeeThings

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