Monday, March 20, 2017

A Fun Day at Speed Limit Racing

  I went out this past Sunday to the Camarillo Airport where Speed Limit Racing hosts their Autocross events. After struggling with some new set ups on my El Camino at the last race in Fontana with SCCA, I was really looking forward to trying to figure out the settings that work for me and the car. And also to work on driving a little more aggressively and using less brake, and controlling speed & weight transfer with the throttle.
  I feel like it helped a lot in building confidence in what the car will hold. i worked my way down from a 46.5 & 45.8 in the first session to a best time of 43.4. Not to bad considering most of the Corvettes were in the 38's & 39's
  This was also a learning experience with my new camera, I've been practicing with getting the "Action Shots" of catching cars in motion. (Thanks for the Tips Jason!)

I hope you guys enjoy these shots!