Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Huge Thank You and a Sad Day!

  After hearing the news today that this weekend is the final official event for Speed Limit Racing Camarillo Autocross it is a sad day for me. But I am also glad to have been able to make it out yesterday to race, and also to race with my friend Erich M. and his '66 El Camino.
  I am very grateful for all the Help, Support, Motivation, and for how much i've learned from Casey, Darren, Robert, and the whole family at Speed Limit and all the great friendships i have made there!!

  It was a very fun day yesterday racing with Erich, and his El camino, we were going back and forth on times all within tenths of a second and he pulled off the win by a .12 of a second with a 49.88 to my 50.0 final times. There was also a fun competition between Ryan T. and Don G. which also came down to tenths of a second battle with Ryan taking that win.
  I was able to get quite a lot of photos and hope you guys enjoy all the pics!