Saturday, June 29, 2013

"One Great Ride" Hotchkis Open House

  I've been looking forward to this show for about a month now. Today started out hectic though, from locking myself out of my El Co while moving cars for parking. To having one of the exhaust hangers breaking and dragging the muffler on the 105 fwy. Luckily I had a steel cable, and was able to tie up the exhaust and make our way out to Santa Fe Springs. I found a muffler shop and got the hanger welded up for $20 and we headed to the Hotchkis shop.
  We still made it early and got a great spot right in the middle of the main lot. We we're a lil bit disappointed on the amount of late model Camaros & Impalas expecting to see a lot more classics (and not to forget to mention the near 100 degree heat) but we still had a blast and happy to have made it out!

- A.K.