Monday, December 7, 2015

Motor 4 Toys 2015

  What another great event! This was my 2nd time making it out to the Motor 4 Toys car show and toy drive. the first time was in 2013 (Motor 4 Toys 2013), and unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out in 2014.  This year i met up with a couple friends and headed out for another group meeting (The Crazy 8's) at a coffee shop on Ventura blvd. and from there we headed to the show with about 15 cars.
  As we pulled up i instantly remembered how big of an event it really is. The lot was already more than half full, and this was at 6am! Once we found a spot to park and got situated, it was off to walk and enjoy the sights. What i enjoy most about this event is the wide range of cars, from classic american muscle, hot rods, imports, exotics, and the super rare 1 of a kind cars. As usual the muscle cars mostly caught my eye, and most of the pics i took are of those.
  After the show we went with the group (The Crazy 8's) on a quick canyon cruise down Topanga cyn to Old Topanga rd and down to the PCH.

  I hope you guys enjoy these pics!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Topping Off My Rookie Year

  This past year of racing has been a filled with a whole lot of mixed emotions and feelings. From the nervous excitement of my first event (which never goes away), to the frustration of knowing I can drive better, parts or tires not fitting/working right, or the feeling of needing more power. I wouldn't trade the learning experience and fun I've had for anything! 
  So after some motivation from new found friends, and telling signs (A friend running this event for the first time on their birthday weekend, and this one being my birthday weekend also) I decided to sign up for the "Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Association" event at the Fontana Autoclub Speedway. Although I only entered for the one day Saturday part i still had a feeling of "Making It to the SuperBowl" 
  My run group had me doing the Speed Stop Challenge first, I definitely felt the need for power on this event on the long first straightaway. I only ran 3 times having dropped from a 22.7 to 20.9 and ended with a 19.9 which I was happy with. Then when I headed to the Autocross portion right away I had problems with the power steering fighting back with me, and whining like a lil baby (Hahaa!!). After a couple runs it was pointed out to me the belt was twisted. I drove back to the garages and straightened it back out, but the whining didn't stop, so I decided to save the car for the road rally after 5 runs. I managed to pull out a 53.7 run though. 
  The Road Rally was pretty fun too. We headed out from the Speedway through the city of Fontana, went to Rotolo Chevrolet dealer where they were boasting a local cruise night, then back to the track for the Welcome dinner. 
  Through all the excitement, frustration, and just plain fun I had, I didn't get too many pictures to share with you guys. But here are some of my favorite ones I got, and a couple of my car by & Optima Batteries. Hope you guys enjoy them!