Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Streets of Willow

  This past Saturday was my first time going out to Willow Springs Raceway and The Streets of Willow. It was also my 2nd time ever running on a road course with the El Camino. To say it was a super fun day isn't giving it justice. Even though i'm fighting a brake issue with what i'm thinking is a caliper piston "Knock-Back" i got used to pumping the brakes early to build up pressure and work. although it did keep me from being super confident on course, and i'm sure slowed me down (pun intended) I still had a great learning experience and gained a lot of trust in what the car can do. I managed a best time of 1:45.6 which was down from a 1:53.2 in the first open session after the lead/follow laps. I decided that after the 2nd open session to save the car and make the drive home, which is still a big win in my book! Haha!!
  I definitely want to come back out and run here again once i get the car more sorted out. Thanks to American Muscle Cup Series & Extreme Speed Track events for hosting such a fun event! Also a huge Thanks to Kurt, Charlene & Ashton for the great hospitality, Stephan, Claudia, Jake & Darren for the help, motivation and making it such a fun day!!
  We were pitted near the front straight away by turn 13 so all my pics are from that angle, I would like in the future to go back and maybe not race, just get shoots from different locations and also check out the action at Big Willow too. As always i hope you guys enjoy the shots i got!

P.S. feel free to download and share (click on the picture and open in a second page for a better quality), please tag @AsEyeSeeThings on any of the social media outlets if you do share the shots.