Monday, June 29, 2015

From the Museum to the Canyon

  What a fun day this turned out to be. A couple of my buddies met up at my place (both in '69 Camaros), We then first headed out to the Petersen Museum for their "Muscle Car cruise in", there was about 60 cars or so that showed up, from a twin turbo Datsun r3, to a 2015 full custom built Mustang that "G.A.S." brought out and everything in-between. we hung out there for a couple hours, then there was supposed to be a caravan headed up to the "Highway Earth" car show being held at the Franklin Cyn Lake. This was what sounded like was going to be a lot of fun, unfortunately it only turned into a couple cars heading up and basically a "Just try to keep up & meet us there".
  We made it a fun drive though, heading down Wilshire blvd. and heading up to Franklin canyon by going through Beverly Hills going up Beverly dr. to Coldwater cyn. This turned out to be a real nice location for a car show. It had cars lined up and posted in different "turn-outs" each having a different class/style of cars circling the lake. There we met up with another one of my friends who also has a Camaro a '68 though (kinda makes me feel like i should have one too Hahaa!!) Apparently this is the lake where the "Andy Griffith Show" was filmed and i couldn't help but whistle the theme song as we walked around the lake checking out the cars. We really enjoyed this show and i'm already looking forward to next year's event!

  I hope you guys enjoy these pictures


These first shots are from the 
Petersen's Museum
Muscle Car Cruise In

These next shots are from the 
Highway Earth Car Show

Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Great Race Day!

  What a fun weekend we had at the Hotchkis/NMCA Autocross. I had recently finished doing a lot of upgrades to the front suspension through the Hotchkis Speed Shop, and was honored when I when I was invited by Rob Byrd to come out on the Friday for the test and tune day. I was able to break in my new front end and alignment & I can definitely now feel the differences from what the car does/needs vs my driving skills, and where I need more horsepower (and probably better braking after that), and also better myself as a driver. I am finally building up the confidence to be able to push the car to where it's never ran better and more stable. This made a huge boost to my driving and made my Sunday race day even that much more enjoyable. And not to forget to mention hanging out with all my racing friends and especially that great cheering section!!
  Again I'd like to Thank the Racing Byrds for putting together and running such a fun event, John Hotchkis Jr. for sharing his love of driving and helping keep our classic muscle cars driving like they just came off a showroom floor, and helping us have a place to really enjoy our cars for they're built to do!
I didn't get any action shots this time, but I hope you guys enjoy these pictures!