Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back To Main Street El Segundo

  I haven't posted up much on here lately, concentrating more on building and racing my own car. i have been sharing in smaller posts and pics on my FaceBook page along with Instagram And Twitter (search AsEyeSeeThings) but This show deserved a full posting.

  Yesterday was the 18th annual El Segundo Main Street Car Show. This is by far my favorite show of the year, there's always a huge turn out of cars this year being the largest turn out of over 300 cars!
  What i like best is the huge variety of classes that come out, from full perfect restorations, custom, and daily drivers. Also the small town feel of "Main Street" really makes this a great day.
  A couple of my favorites from the show were the classic Mercedes with a 4.3L 6 cyl chevy engine,  The '66 Le Mans with the LSA CTSV supercharged engine, the black Charger R/T, and the dark brown & black GMC truck. I could go on & on, but i'll just post up the pics and let you guys choose for yourselves.  Although there was way too many cars for me to get, these were amongst the ones that caught my Eye!
  I hope you guys enjoy the pics.

- A.K.