Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sunday at the Season Opener

  This past weekend was the season opening event of the NMCA West Autocross ran by the Racing Byrds. There's several huge changes taking place from the new Autocross series being sponsored by Nitto Tire, using the larger lot to race on, new rules for class winners moving into a "Pro Class", and what seemed to be a lot more cars being able to participate in a day.
  Unfortunately i wasn't able to make it both days, but i did make it out to race, and shoot some photos on Sunday, and since I haven't gotten any seat time for a couple months, I made sure not to miss this event, and i'm glad i didn't!
 The course set up was a huge, fast, and real fun design. It really let me see and confirm some changes i've been "Needing" to do to the car.
  I recently got a new lens for my camera so i was happy to try and get different shots.

I hope you guys enjoy the pics!

P.S. I need to shoot cars going in the other direction more! Haha!!