Monday, September 3, 2018

NMCA Autocross Season Finale

   This past weekend was the season finale for the Racing Byrds / NMCA Autocross series, and once again it was an extremely fun event! Thanks to Rob & Trish Byrd for always making sure everybody has a great time!
  I only went out for the Sunday only, I made some suspension setting changes so was trying to dial that in, and it worked out cause this was definitely the course to do that on, with all the turns and U turns Rob threw out there, the one day was plenty! Haha!! As i"m sure with most everybody that comes out to these events, the "Off Season" will be full of upgrades and modifications to their cars like I have planned as well. See all you guys next year!! or at another race in between!

I hope you guys enjoy these pics, and feel free to download and share (click on the picture and open in a second page for a better quality), please tag @AsEyeSeeThings