Friday, August 30, 2019

Just Drive Like You Don't Care!

  It took me a little longer to post up these pics from the last Porsche Owners Club Autocross in San Pedro from 8-18-19, but here they finally are.

 I was excited and a bit nervous heading out to this event after having just swapped the rear axles and brake set up to a floater style axle to hopefully cure a caliper piston knock-back issue the El Camino was having. After testing and some "Spirited" driving they felt so much better, but the real test was definitely going to be out on course. Sitting in the staging lane about to head out on the first set of runs, I was really hoping my issues would be solved, and hoping nothing on the new set up would break too. So as soon as the starter waved the flag off we went, coming out of the first couple of turns the brakes felt better, not 100% but at least I did get them to grab, and felt good to push the car. Coming into the first little straightaway, I stepped on it, then heard a loud "Bang"!! I swore I snapped an axle! but the car kept rolling so i knew it wasn't that, i started to look around and then noticed the tail gate dropped open!! Haha!! Oops! After one of the corner workers ran over and shut the tail gate for me, off we want again.
  The rest of the day went real good, I was trusting the car more again, and after getting some good pointers from Jerry Griffin and him pushing me to push the car harder in the sweeping turns, I dropped about a second and a half! Then came time for the timed runs, the first run out i had what was my best time of the day, a 46.3 but I had hit a cone. The next run I messed up a section and lost time, so I regrouped myself for the 3rd run and then got what was what I thought was my best time, but the timing was having some issues and showed 51.?? so i was pissed. On the last run I basically just gave up and ran all out and it turned out to be my best time of the day at a 45.81 I taught myself a big lesson there, just drive it like you don't care!!! Haha!!

  Now for the photos, I've been trying different ways of getting photos and also started to edit them a little differently now too. I hope you guys enjoy these shots!

- A.K.

  P.S. feel free to download and share any of the photos (click on the picture and open in a second page for a better quality), please tag @AsEyeSeeThings on any of the social media outlets if you do share the shots.