Monday, December 7, 2015

Motor 4 Toys 2015

  What another great event! This was my 2nd time making it out to the Motor 4 Toys car show and toy drive. the first time was in 2013 (Motor 4 Toys 2013), and unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out in 2014.  This year i met up with a couple friends and headed out for another group meeting (The Crazy 8's) at a coffee shop on Ventura blvd. and from there we headed to the show with about 15 cars.
  As we pulled up i instantly remembered how big of an event it really is. The lot was already more than half full, and this was at 6am! Once we found a spot to park and got situated, it was off to walk and enjoy the sights. What i enjoy most about this event is the wide range of cars, from classic american muscle, hot rods, imports, exotics, and the super rare 1 of a kind cars. As usual the muscle cars mostly caught my eye, and most of the pics i took are of those.
  After the show we went with the group (The Crazy 8's) on a quick canyon cruise down Topanga cyn to Old Topanga rd and down to the PCH.

  I hope you guys enjoy these pics!


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