Monday, July 16, 2018

I Need A Porsche in my Life!

  Every time after racing with the Porsche OCR club i realize how much more i NEED a Porsche in my life!!! Haha!! I'm really loving the older late 60's 912s
 Yesterday was another real fun day of Autocross, meeting up with several friends in the early morning and heading down to the lot next to the S.S. Lane Victory Navy ship to race with Porsche's. I really like how they set up their courses here because they're really tight and technical and help me learn how to control my El Camino so much better. And not to forget to mention how great this location is, practically surrounded by water, getting the cool ocean breeze, and being the closest event to home. It kinda sucks that there's only the one event here this year, but so glad i made it out for it,
Thank You to everybody involved in making this so much fun!!

  I really hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

P.S.  If any of you guys want to download a photo, click on the image and open in another window



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