Sunday, June 26, 2016

From Cruise In to Cruise In

   This morning was another great Sunday in L.A. for car lovers! from the Petersen Museum's "Breakfast Club Cruise In" to the "Killer Rides" Cruise In/Car Show at Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey.
We headed out around 7:30am first to the Petersen Museum where there was a mix of cars from brand new Lamborghinis, classic gull wing Mercedes, and some muscle cars & hot rods. we hung out there for a couple hours until about 10am, then we decided to head out early to get a good spot at the Killer Shrimp show which runs from 11-2.
 When we got there, there was about 15 cars or so already and we managed to get another good spot in the center section. This event tend to attract more muscle cars and American Iron, although everybody is welcome, and a fair amount of imports and exotics do show up.

I hope you guys enjoy these pics.

 - A.K.

This first set is from the Petersen Museum's
"Breakfast Club Cruise In"

These following pics are from the Killer Shrimp
"Killer Rides" car show

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