Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just 5 Minutes Away

  Once Again i made it out to the George Barris' "Cruisin Back To The 50's " car show held in DownTown Culver City. This is probably one of my top 5 shows i frequent, and the fact that it's just about 5 min from home just makes it even better. I made it out early again before having to go to work, which is something i always like to do anyways 'cause you can really get a chance to take in all the cars and not have to deal with the crowds. Especially when trying to get some pictures. I was also able to catch up with a couple friends i haven't seen in a lil while.
  This year there was several of the same cars, (probably a lot of locals) i'm sharing a couple that really stood out to me. I hope you guys enjoy this pics!



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