Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting Some Kicks on Route 66

  My friend Erich invited us out to the Golden West Chevelle & El Camino car club's "Chevelle & El Camino Appreciation Night" car show yesterday. It was at "Legends Classic Diner" out in Glendora on the World Famous Route 66, and is held annually on the Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend
  As we showed up I didn't expect such a huge turn out from what I had seen online, but the place was already packed and I happened to get my El Camino in one of the last parking spots, and the lot was huge. And as the day continued cars just didn't stop showing up! I got some pics ofthe ones that really caught my eye, as well as real cool juke box, and trim from inside the restaurant.
  I hope you guys enjoy these pictures!


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