Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Kid at Heart

  I headed back out to the Automobile Museum today because, they were hosting the Hot Wheels Car Show and toy event. This was really cool, they had several of the life size cars modeled from the actual toys. They also had several of their tracks and jumps set up for the kids to play with. I felt like a kid again wanting to be able to drive the cars out on the streets. This time it was even more seeing these life size running drivable cars. Especially the "Twin Mill" with the dual blowers, or the car they built to do the real loop at this years past x games in downtown L.A.
   I really like what the Automobile Driving Museum has been doing. From the different car shows and events they host, and that on Sunday afternoons you can taken for a drive in a classic historic or rare vehicle around El Segundo. They also rent out their banquet/event room for private parties, weddings, or other events people want to hold there.


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